Cornel Gabriel Pasăre – Collaborating Psychotherapist with Asociația Eu și Endometrioza

Cornel is a psychotherapist with professional training in Ericksonian Therapy and clinical hypnosis, Integrative Psychotherapy, Counseling, Collaborative Short-Term Therapies focused on resources and solutions, Motivational Speaker, and Senior Certified Tai Chi Instructor (WuJi Gong), internationally accredited by Educational Director & Founder Andrew Fretwell. He is also a member of the Romanian College of Psychologists.

In addition to these qualifications, Cornel can help address unresolved traumatic experiences, and his expertise in therapy for depression, emotional intelligence, mental health, couples therapy, stress management, hypnosis, mindfulness, neuro-linguistic programming, psychology, and many more make him suitable for the needs of patients with endometriosis.

Moreover, you can work with him on Tai Chi exercises, which will help improve your functional mobility, reduce anxiety and depression, regulate blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and regulate the generation of T cells, essential for a healthy immune system.

Here’s what Cornel says about himself in welcoming patients with endometriosis:

„Curiosity and the desire to know have led me to martial arts, Tai Chi, and psychology. They have helped me find inner balance, connect with internal power, and understand this world more deeply.

Psychology and psychotherapy have opened up a fascinating professional path for me. Along this path, I have had the privilege of connecting with people’s stories, emotions, thoughts, and selves. A unique experience for which I am deeply grateful because stories never cease to fascinate me. I prefer to say that I provide counseling and guidance to those who have chosen to discover themselves, explore their potential, and rewrite their story and life path. The journey of self-discovery is often challenging, but I encourage you to maintain your curiosity and seek help and support when needed.

I am convinced that any process of personal growth involves a good balance between mind, emotion, and body. Personal experience has convinced me that Tai Chi practice can be a path to this inner balance.”

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