Andreea Tudor – Collaborating Psychologist with Asociația Eu și Endometrioza

One of the psychologists supporting the initiatives of Asociația Eu și Endometrioza is Andreea Tudor. Andreea is a psychologist and psychotherapist, a member of the Romanian College of Psychologists, and a founding member of the Alpha PsihoMed Association of Psychology and Educational Resources.

She graduated from the Faculty of Psychology in Constanța and furthered her professional training with a master’s degree in „Complex Personality Psychodiagnostics,” a topic particularly relevant for patients with endometriosis. Andreea, an ambitious individual dedicated to continuous learning, has also completed professional training courses as a mentor, trainer, and in oncological psychology, and integrative psychotherapy, among others, making her a truly dedicated specialist who has turned her passion into a profession.

Here is Andreea’s message for patients with endometriosis:

„I believe that in any medical condition, the mind-body relationship is powerful and indispensable. We cannot separate ourselves from our bodies, just as we cannot separate ourselves from our minds. The goal is to maximize the connection between them. Psychological well-being is desirable as it can be a true ally in all circumstances where life and health can be improved.

I aspire to help as much as possible and to stand by women with endometriosis. I offer support through face-to-face psychotherapy sessions to all those in Constanța who feel the need. I welcome them to my office in a calm, intimate, and confidential setting to unload the burden they have been carrying for so long. It’s time to let go of everything that has hurt and couldn’t be said, to start anew and to be there for themselves!”

Andreea can accommodate up to three patients weekly for face-to-face therapy sessions in Brașov, and for patients from other parts of the country, she offers online sessions. Members of the Asociația Eu și Endometrioza also benefit from discounts on Andreea’s services. If you need the services of a psychologist and wish to benefit from Andreea’s experience and advice, as well as the discounts offered by the Association, we await your messages at

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