Lavinia’s Story

Hello there! I’m Lavinia, aged 33, and I’m among the women dealing with endometriosis. I believe it began many years ago, considering I only received the diagnosis on March 25, 2018, yet I’ve experienced pain and weakness during menstruation since adolescence. Though my symptoms weren’t as severe as those I’ve heard and seen in other women with this condition. However, in 2021, after numerous attempts to alter my lifestyle, consulting with 6-7 psychologists, and adjusting my diet… I was informed that surgery was necessary due to suspicion of malignancy.

It felt like the ground vanished from beneath me at that moment. I was 30 years old, envisioning my life at that age, but… not like this. God placed Clarisa Iordache, the founder of the Eu and Endometriosis Association, in my path, and… the person who is always, always in my prayers. She devoted 3 hours on the phone with me just to help me grasp my situation. Through Emotional Freedom Techniques sessions, she assisted me in viewing this entire journey with fresh eyes and converting pain into motivation and courage.

Because endometriosis also entails frustration, anxiety, depression, isolation, feeling misunderstood, and therefore, we require specialized individuals to assist us in managing it. Although the surgery was a complete success, endometriosis reappeared six months later. I felt demoralized at that point, but in the interim, I’ve learned to perceive things from a wholly different perspective and comprehend that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

And I choose to relish life, prioritize self-care, and no longer view everything as a battle with this condition because I’ve concluded that it emerged in my life… ironically, precisely to redirect my focus more attentively toward myself and to recover from everything.

I am grateful. For everything.

Lavinia Dinca, 33 years
Constanta, Romania

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