Alec Blenche, Nutrition Expert and Collaborator with Eu și Endometrioza Association

Alec Blenche, a dedicated vegetarian for over 10 years, brings invaluable insights into balanced nutrition for endometriosis, hormonal equilibrium, and estrogen regulation.

As the founder and editor-in-chief of, Alec Blenche is also a co-founder and advisor at the Bistraw Verde Viu restaurant. Trained as a raw vegan nutritionist (with coursework completed under David Wolfe at the BodyMind Institute), he holds certifications as a nutrition technician and herbalist. Alec is the recipient of the Acts of Education Grant from the Hippocrates Health Institute and holds university degrees in law and music pedagogy.

In recent years, Alec has organized and led numerous presentations and workshops on nutrition and healthy eating, as well as detoxification retreats and live food cooking camps. He is the author of the book „Erus și valea răbdării” and co-hosts the TV show „Viața in verde viu.”

Alec’s message to patients with endometriosis resonates with his holistic approach: „There are no diseases, only imbalances. Our body is the most amazing machinery in the universe, and once it’s brought back into balance, health follows suit. I invite you to discuss nutritional imbalances and how nutrient-rich foods can regulate the imbalance known as endometriosis.”

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